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1977, May        Label wholesale business began
1982, June        Label production began
1982, July        Manufacturing price label began
1989, May        Tiger mask header (300 label) was launched
1990, October        Items for Tiger mask header were increased upto 200
1992, May        PC 30 printing machine was imported
1993, July        Red header (1000 label) was launched - over 1,000 items
1994, February        Computer label was released - 4 items Participated in 8th
                                 Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR 1994)
1995, March        High class label - Gray header (2000 label) was launched
1995, August        Company name was change to Hankook Latech Industrial co.
                              Participated in 9th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR
1996, May        Free size label was launched - 20 items Participated in 10th Seoul
                         International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR 1996)
1997, September        Latech header (500 label) was released - over 1,000 items
                                   Participated in 11th Seoul International Stationery Fair
                                   (SISFAIR 1997)
1998, June        Mark Andy printing machine was imported Laser / inkjet print label
                          was launched Latech homepage was opened : URL -
1999, October        Up-graded Laser / inkjet print label (100 sheet) was launched
                               Participated in 13th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR
2000, January        Company name was change to Latech Korea Co. Ltd. From
                               Hankook Latech Industrial co.
2000, March        Color inkjet label, Color inkjet paper and Color inkjet card paper
                             were released Participated in 14th Seoul International Stationery
                             Fair (SISFAIR 2000)
2001, February        Latech label program - Label Designer 2.0 - was released
                                Index & Title laser / inkjet print label was launched - 11 items
2001, July        Participated in 12th International Stationery & Office Products Fair
                         Tokyo 2001 (ISOT 2001)
2001, September        New packing for laser / inkjet print label, index & title laser
                                   inkjet print label and color inkjet label were released
                                   Participated in 15th Seoul International Stationery Fair
                                   (SISFAIR 2001)
2002, March        Develop the new label software - Label Designer ver. 3.0
2002, April        Participation in The21stKorea International Exhibition for Computers,
                         Software & Communications (KIECO 2002)Mini Label - A6 size print
                         label -come into the market
2002, May        Participation in School, Home&Office Products Exhibition Korea 2002
                         (SHOPEX KOREA 2002) High glossy paper for photo print - A6 size
                         - come into the market
2002, May        Participation in The 16th Computer / Software Exhibition of Korea
                         (SEK 2002)High glossy paper and high glossy CD-R label - A4 size
                         - come into the market
2002, July        Participation in Busan Venture Plaza & Computer / Software
                         Exhibition 2002 Latech internet shopping mall open!